Handling a Winter Roadside Emergency

Almost everyone will need an emergency tow service at some point in their lives. Knowing how bad the roads can get here in Milwaukee, it is important to know how to handle a winter emergency. Below are some tips to help you through any winter roadside emergency.

Way before you ever get put in a situation where you need to call a tow service, you will want to prepare yourself for possible being stranded on the side of the road. Not all tow companies can get to you as quick as Sunoco Chemicals. Many times, a tow truck can take hours to get to where you are. Because of this, you will want an auto survival kit available in your vehicle always. Here is what it should include:

  • Our Emergency 24 hour phone number
  • Battery powered charger for your phone
  • Warm clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Extra blankets
  • Flares and a flashlight
  • Emergency food and water

There are things that you should and shouldn’t do in the event you have a winter breakdown. First, always stay in your vehicle. Never go wandering off in an area you are unfamiliar with to search for a repair shop that may or may not exist in that area. When your car breaks down, you get a release of adrenaline. This often gives people the urge to go out in the snow and cold. You need to fight that desire or you could easily get lost, resulting in hypothermia, frostbite, or being eaten by a coyote.

You will also want to conserve the resources you do have. There is no telling how long you may be out there waiting for help. If you drink all your water or eat all your food, you may regret it later. Also, conserve the battery in your phone. Don’t post on Facebook or play games that suck the life from your battery. You may need your phone again if the towing company doesn’t get to you quickly so you can call another company.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a winter breakdown but, if you do, be sure you are prepared ahead of time.

Finding the Right Snow Tires

If you are considering getting snow tires for your vehicle, it is very likely that you have some questions about them. You may wonder which ones are the best for your car or how much you will be spending. Perhaps you want to know what brands are on the market or if you even need snow tires in the first place. This article will help to answer these questions for you.

If you are wondering which snow tires are best for your vehicle, there are a few things that depends on. Are you driving a big truck or a small car? Maybe either an SUV or a hybrid? Snow tires follow basically the same rules as other tires. Most of the time, the only difference that is noticeable with your snow tires is the tread pattern since they are larger and allow for better grip. These are differences that won’t take you long to get used to, though. A good quality mechanic will always be able to help you make the best choice for your vehicle and the conditions you drive in.

Cost is a big factor for many when it comes to buying snow tires. Most people are rather surprised to find out that snow tires cost about the same amount as the all season tires they likely already use. There are usually snow model and winter tires offered by tire manufacturers in a wide range of prices. This allows the customer to choose from the basic snow tire all the way up to the premium, rugged terrain snow tires for their vehicle. It all depends on whether you want to explore the snowy mountains or just get to the store and back.

You may be wondering what makes snow tires so special. Well, slipping and sliding on the road is the most common cause of auto accidents in the winter. Most of these accidents could be lessened or prevented if the drivers had snow tires on their vehicles. The snow tires are designed to perform in the snow and on icy roads because of their distinct tread patterns.

There is more to snow tires that their fancy tread, though. The designs some manufacturers use in their design has a special polymer formula to improve the tires performance in the harsh conditions of winter. The science dealing with snow tires has been advancing for years now, making snow tires safer and more affordable than in the past.

If you are wanting to learn more about how snow tires can benefit you, or just see them in person, you can come check them out at Sunoco Chemicals. We are the number one auto repair shop in Milwaukee. We offer a huge selection of snow tires that will work for any vehicle and scenario you will need. We look forward to helping you have safe driving this winter season!

Finding a Mechanic You Can Trust

Finding an auto repair shop that you can trust completely can be one of the hardest things. It ranks up there with finding that needle in a haystack or finding true love. Many people see mechanics in the same light as lawyers, that they will do whatever they can to make an extra dollar off you. Everyone desires to extend the life of their vehicle and keep it in great shape. To do this, though, you need to have an auto repair shop with mechanics that are honorable and proficient and will treat your vehicle as if it were their very own. That is what you will find here at Sunoco Chemicals.

Sunoco Chemicals is the best full service auto repair shot in all of Milwaukee. We are a family owned business that has been making happy customers for over sixteen years. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+ because we consistently put our customers first by going above and beyond what others do to properly diagnose your vehicle and correct any issues. Not only do we offer the best prices in Milwaukee, but the best customer service as well.

Our business is AAA approved and has won, multiple times, the AAA Top Shelf Award because of our commitment to you, the customer. Each of us understand how much of a pain it is when your car is in the shop, so we work hard to ensure our customers can get back on the road as quickly as possible. By offering our early bird drop off service, we strive to make your dealings with us as painless as possible. Our complimentary shuttle makes this convenient, too. And our guarantee is that you will always be treated to friendly staff that will answer your questions and consider your concerns.

We understand the challenges of finding an auto repair specialist you can trust. However, thanks to Sunoco Chemicals, finding a great mechanic in Milwaukee is now quite easy.